Cultivating Buddhism Worldwide

Buddhism as a religious tradition started during the life of Buddha who was known as Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Shakyamuni. Buddha was born in India around the end of the sixth century.

The teachings of Buddha were an inspiration to many and soon started to spread. Buddhism spread from India on to Sri Lanka, from their, it soon covered most of Southeast Asia.

Sometime during the first or second century as more and more people embraced the teachings of Buddha, it was brought north and into China. From here it was not to long before it spread to Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

buddhaIn the seventh century, teachers of Buddhism travelled North across the Himalayas and brought the Buddhist faith into Tibet. Buddhism today is practiced by people in many countries the world over.

Although we believe THE Buddha to be Siddhartha Gautama, Ancient texts known as Jataka show that he was also taught by previous Buddhas. Buddhists believe that the Buddhism tradition did not begin in the sixth century but in the far distant past, perhaps even at the beginning of time.

After the death or Nirvana of Siddhartha Gautama, A group of followers followed his instructions and had his body cremated, they then distributed his ashes as relics, which were enshrined in funerary mounds also known as stupas. Veneration of his remains is what gave rise to the tradition of Buddhism as we know it today.

A popular Buddhism saying:

There’s a reality even prior to heaven and earth; indeed it has no form, much less a name; eyes fail to see it; it has no voice for ears to detect. To call it mind or Buddha violates its nature.

Absolutely quiet, and yet illuminating it allows itself to be perceived only by the clear eyed. It is Dharma beyond form and sound; it is Tao without words. Wishing to entice the blind The Buddha has playfully let words escape his golden mouth; Heaven and Earth are ever since filled with entangling briars.

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