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Senior CoupleAnger Management – 5 Ways to Manage Anger through Buddhism Teachings

Anger is a strong emotion of displeasure. Others call it fury, rage, resentment or wrath. Generally anger is destructive because it generates a sense of grievance towards the subject that brought about the anger.

Being angry is being in a negative and destructive state of mind. It is often disastrous when someone fails to manage it. There is nothing you can do when anger arises but to be mindful and aware of your feelings, so that anger would not conquer your emotions.

Buddhist teachings are very effective when it comes to effectively dealing with anger. Buddhism does not consider anger as right or just.

The followers of Buddha are required to purify themselves of anger. That is why Buddhism provides dedicated teaching on how to manage anger.

Among the hundred ways of dealing with this problem, the following are the 5 leading ways to manage anger.

1. Recognition and acknowledgment of anger is the first step of dealing with it. Mindfulness is the teaching of Buddha that helps manage anger by being aware that it exists and needs patience to face the problem. Then it will lead to practical ways to cease the anger.

2. Practice patience. In Buddhism patience is one of the foundations in the attainment of enlightenment. Anger can be best avoided through the practice of patience. Having patience means having tolerance. Can you test your patience? Try to get at the end of the long line at an ATM on a weekend.

3. Meditation and reflection. This is the most effective way to manage anger. When you meditate anger stops. Meditation needs patience, effort and continued practice. It does not produce sudden changes; there will be noticeable results after months or years of dedication to practice it.

4. Have Compassion. If you have a warm heart that feels the need to help others, serve, respect and share, you can experience a feeling that makes you happy and eventually transform heart with a purpose that’s to live with compassion and love which makes your life more meaningful each day.

5 Stay away from provocative situations that trigger anger. A situation that made you angry should not be pursued but try to divert your attention to other things that can pacify anger. Get some cold drinks to refresh and come to your cool senses.

When you start feeling an inkling of anger, do not nourish it. Do not hold it like a cherished memory in your heart. It must be defeated before it overpowers you. Not being able to control you anger may result to emotional devastation of losing friends, physical loss of properties and irreversible loss of lives. On the other hand, just by following and implementing the teachings described above, your life will be filled with serenity and calmness.

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